Root Canal Treatment At Woodcrest Dental Studio

At Woodcrest Dental Studio, we are committed to treating patients with the compassion and respect they deserve. We believe in providing comprehensive treatment and skilled root canal treatment services at our Dental Clinic in Riverside, CA. We are here to provide a full range of dental services and help you get the care you need.

The pulp is a soft tissue of tooth that contains nerve supply, blood vessels, and connective tissue. If pulp gets infected, it will cause pain. To tackle this situation, our dentists in Riverside, CA offers root canal treatment which is used to remove the infected pulp. This is done by removing the infected pulp with files in the pulp chamber, cleaning and shaping the root canals, and sealing the canal with a filling material. A treated and restored tooth can last a lifetime with proper care. Root canals are significantly less expensive than the alternative, tooth extraction and replacement with a bridge or implant.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment:

  • Root Canal is a pain-free procedure
  • Root Canal is efficient and cost-effective
  • This treatment restores your ability to bite and chew without pain
  • Jawbone degeneration and other side effects of missing teeth are prevented
  • Root canal treatments have a high success rate

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