Root Canal vs. Tooth Removal

Commonly, there is a question among many dental patients whether they should have root canal treatment to save a tooth or have it pulled. Before you consult a dentist in Riverside CA, get clear what you have to do.

Naturally, this is the choice of patients as the choice can impact other aspects of their dental procedures. However, it is commonly considered best to keep your natural teeth without tooth removal. A root canal treatment or root canal therapy is a kind of dental procedure for when the soft inner tissue of the tooth, the pulp, is inflamed or infected. If you get your tooth pulled, it will become a temporary relief. In the long run, it will not work out as you lose your natural teeth.

If you save your natural teeth, there are several advantages in root canal therapy as it supports in preserving your natural teeth.

Some of the most important advantages

  1. If you want to maintain your normal biting efficiency, you should save your natural teeth.
  2. The appearance of your face with a smile is way better if you have your natural teeth.
  3. The biting features and sensation you feel are natural when you save the natural teeth with the support of root canal therapy.
  4. If you retain your natural teeth, the natural position of every tooth will not shift so that it can support your tooth function as normal functions.

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