Different Types of Materials Used for Dental Bridges

Dental bridges performed by Riverside Dental Clinic play a vital role to bridge the gap between missing teeth. There are different types of dental bridges to make dentistry more versatile and comfortable, which are Conventional bridge, Cantilever bridge, Maryland bridge, and  Implant-supported bridge. Now let’s know what materials are used for making these bridges.

All Ceramic

  • Compared to metal, it is not so strong.
  • Superior aesthetic look with the nature of blending with a patient’s real teeth.
  • They need more alteration for the supporting teeth because of thickness.

Metal Alloys, Gold, and Silver

  • It is better to place at the back of the mouth in the molar area.
  • Most durable and strongest restoration type
  • Very less aesthetic quality
  • With minimal drilling of natural tooth structure, it is possible to make bridges.


  • As it is slightly translucent, it can reflect light, much like dental enamel.
  • Generally, it needs very little alteration of the natural tooth structure.
  • It has a wide range of shades with colors. Hence, a dentist can select a perfect colour that can be a correct match for the patient.
  • It is a type of dental ceramic.
  • It is virtually stronger like metal.

Porcelain Connected Metal

  • Metal base for stability and strength
  • Overlying porcelain in order to match the natural tooth colour
  • When it comes to aesthetics, it is better than metal bridges.

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